SingTel Innovation Exchange organised Accelerate as part of TECHVENTURE 2011. This year, we have lined up industry experts and panel discussions on new technologies such as Near Field Communication (NFC) and the latest in Mobile Advertising and Gaming.

Photos from the event are now available on our Flickr page.


Agenda for Accelerate@TECHVENTURE: 14 Oct 11
09:00 Opening of Accelerate@TECHVENTURE

Guests of Honour

Dr. Francis Yeoh
CEO, National Research Foundation


Yvonne Kwek
CEO, SingTel Innov8

09:40 Pitch to the Stars

3 Minutes Elevator Pitch by Start Up Companies. How to monetize your great ideas! Pitch your money making ideas to the founders/partners/top management of:

  • Eduardo Saverin, Facebook Co-Founder and Investor
  • Morten Lund, Everbread Chairman, "Europe's Most Prolific Investor"
  • Neil Young, Founder, ngmoco
  • Eddie Chau, Founder, Brandtology
  • Moderator — Ken Rutkowski

11:35 Keynote Address 1

Tim Draper
Founder, Draper Fisher Jurvetson

11:55 Keynote Address 2

Nick Yang
Co-Founder, Kong Zhong Corporation
Founder, Wukong

12:15 Award Presentation - Asia Top 50 Apps 2011

The Asia Top 50 Apps contest was started last year with the aim of discovering and shining the spotlight on the most popular, coolest and most innovative web and mobile applications from Asia. This year, voters and a panel of judges will be selecting the most popular app, as well as apps in other categories such as Best Design and Most Innovative Use of Technology. The winners of the 2011 contest will be announced at this event.

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12:30 Lunch Break


Keynote address

Let The Magic Be Unlocked Rovio has big dreams and plans to deliver its magical moments with Angry Birds. Just like how Angry Birds took a flight from Finland to Singapore bringing an unforgettable F1 to children and fans, Bijaya Gurung, is taking the same flight path to Singapore, bringing with him the story and experience in enchanting social gaming with the magical moments of social interaction. Be here to hear firsthand, the meteoric growth of the fan base for probably one of most successful mobile games of our time, one Angry Bird moment at a time.

Bijaya Gurung
Rovio Entertainment Ltd.


SingTel Innov8
Pitching Session

(By Invitation Only)

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Near Field Communications (NFC)
Reaching an old new market

Is Near Field Communication (NFC) technology just another connectivity technology? Or is this really the technology that will transform how we connect with the market? In a region where there are more mobile devices and mobile subscriptions than bank accounts, NFC is well positioned to be the common ground we so needed to reach and serve the unbanked population in Asia. How will NFC change the ways services and products are consumed and paid for? Learn how you can develop your apps to get ahead in the race to reach the "old" new markets in South East Asia.

Gary Chan — Nokia
Chua Thian Yee — CASSIS International
Yoav Elgrichi — VeriFone
Shubhrendu Khoche — C-SAM
Raymond Yap — ViVOtech
Moderator: Punnamas Vichitkulwongsa — SingTel



Mobile Gaming

Beyond Facebook: The Global Social Games Opportunity
Ravi Mehta
— Viximo

While the rapid growth of social games has been inextricably linked with the rise of Facebook, there is a global market for social games that shouldn't be overlooked by savvy social app developers. Despite Facebook's apparent dominance, especially within the United States, Facebook currently represents only 30 percent of worldwide traffic for social networks. In a recent study conducted by Superdata Research and commissioned by Viximo, we show that 65% of social game revenue will be generated on social networks outside of Facebook by 2014. While Asia continues to be the largest social games market, social networks in markets such as Brazil, Germany, and Russia are experiencing rapid growth in social game usage and monetization. We'll review the factors driving the growth of the global social game market and will provide actionable data that can help you define the optimal strategy for your social applications.

The flat world of mobile games

There is no doubt that mobile gaming is one of the greatest contributors to the thriving of our community. The good news is that gaming is likely to continue to grow bigger and more sensational; the best news is that any one of us from any part of the world can make it big. Come join the panel of game developers and distributors across the continents, from America, Europe to Asia. What are the differences and similarities in the various markets? And most importantly, what's next for mobile gaming market?

Bijaya Gurung — Rovio
Ravi Mehta — Viximo
Tetsuya Mori — DeNA
Nick Yang — KongZhong
Moderator: Steven Goh — mig33


15:30 Tea Break


Mobile Advertising

"Oh! Our business model is to build advertising real estate to monetize our apps!" Really?

Many successful businesses figured the way to monetize their user base through advertising, but many more have failed. Mobile advertising is here to stay, but it is not getting any easier. With the trends in social media, M2M, NFC, GPS, plus the intensity of advertisements reaching your customers, what would it mean to your advertising model? How can a company stay ahead with innovative advertising model and delivery?

Christian Cadeo — Google
Saumil Nanavati — Chalkboard
Satoshi Noda — Nobot
Willy Yang — MediaV
Zhou Wenhan — 2359 Media
Moderator: Christopher Yeo — aSpecial Media



Startup Weekend — Launch a startup in 54 hours

Wong Meng Weng
Co-Founder and Social Engineer

Edgar Hardless
Managing Director
SingTel Innov8